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I retired early from a high stress career as a helping professional because I was experiencing burn out. After 2 years of having lunch with friends and and doing what I wanted, I began to feel restless, but unmotivated. I knew my life wasn't over, but I felt like it was heading in that direction. Jim helped me articulate my gifts, find my dream, and reconnect with my innate power and passion for life. Within a very short time, my new career path became very clear and a wonderful job came my way!
Rebecca - Ithica, NY

". . . only had one session with Jim but he helped me move my career path forward, and together we planned a terrific strategy."
Alyssa - Phoenix, AZ

"Jim's confident yet caring personalty disamed any inhabitions I may have had in answering the questions he posed. The pointed yet gentle questions incompassed the necessary regroups, corrections, and instructions that fit my personal profile." With great recommendation I would refer Jim Haller to anyone who wants to move their life forward.
Robert - Santa Rosa, CA

". . . very clear, concise questions and Jim gets right to the point. He is very focused on the client where they are right at the moment.
Lisa - Larchmont, NY